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An Exciting
New Fantasy Novel for Young Adults 


Venture to Planceon

He was a young warrior by the standards of his community. Even though Jarius had been recently knighted, he still struggled to understand why he was chosen to find the most holy of religious artifacts. This was clearly a mission that should have been assigned to the greatest Elvan warrior. He also understood that this was his destiny, a destiny that would require him to travel to an unknown land to find the ancient artifact known only as the Ray of Light. He had no idea what the Ray of Light looked like. He was only traveling with the faith that his God would reveal it to him in time to save his kingdom from the evil forces of Zel Camber. He knew he would have to find the Ray of Light and return before these evil forces could destroy the last elves on Namron Rae.

His journey would take him to a strange land and force him to engage these people with the strangest surroundings and customs.

Forest Aerial View

About the Author

For almost forty years, Joe La Fountaine served Oregon schools as a teacher and school administrator. After decades of service, he has retired to a new home in Southern Oregon with his wife, Kelli.

Inspired by classic fantasy novels, Joe endeavors to write books that incorporate messages he feels are important for young readers.

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